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Henney Bear
Founded in 2012 through

 the love of tapestry art

 inspired by the British spirit, 

and injected with modern fashion.
Exclusive styling now available in

Henney’s designs emanate from his desire to create what feels natural rather than go after something commercial

The Henney Bear name comes from its head international designer Mr Henney. Since debuting in England in 2012, Henney Bear has become renowned for its cheerful designs and distinctive prints. However, behind every great story lies a big challenge. For Henney Bear, it all started on a journey 20 years ago…

Henney, an avid student of historical art went on a trip to Tournai near France in the mid-1990s to study the great artworks in the castles and cathedrals of the region. Whilst there, he was amazed by the town’s 2000-year history and in particular – the splendid array of Tapestry Art which spanned back as far as the 15th and 16th Centuries. This sparked a desire in Henney’s heart to create a new and unique range of fashion by blending Traditional tapestry works with Modern fashion elements.

From that moment on, Henney tirelessly searched through innumerable combinations of different materials and colours in an attempt to find the perfect solution. Unlike printed or painted art, patterns on tapestry art were Hand-Woven with threads of different colours. That is why the procedure for making high-quality traditional tapestry required endless time and hard work – with only about one square meter being produced per month. Finally, after many years of toil, his dream to create the perfect designer handbag by marrying traditional and modern techniques materialised. He discovered a modern way to produce high-quality tapestry while rivalling traditional crafting techniques.

Henney’s extensive design experience in global fashion companies allowed him to create a stunning range of Backpacks, Clutch bags, Travel Bags, Crossbody Handbags and Top Handle Handbags – combining both modern fashion and traditional styled Tapestry art.

Henney’s first range honoured the artistic and traditional tapestry works featured by famous British artist, William Morris. Simultaneously, to proudly celebrate Henney Bear’s origin, the United Kingdom , the first release of teddy themed works featured the Crown Bear theme which honoured the worldwide renown Queen of England and the British Royal family.

Core Vision

The Vision behind Henney Bear is to create beautiful, innovative products that Unlock every woman’s deepest desire for fun, style, and originality. Henney’s designs emanate from his desire to create what feels natural rather than commercial. Instead of going for fame, ambition or greed, Henney Bear is all about the expression of fun, colour and love whilst striving to create something extraordinarily special in the fashion world. That is why we make every single bag with exceptional care and love and make it affordable to every hardworking lady as a gift to herself.

From London to New York, Paris to Tokyo, Henney Bear is now available in Australia. You can choose from a wide range of products including Handbags, Purses, Backpacks, Luggage and Accessories. Behind every pattern lies a special message about love, life and fun. No matter your age, height, income, or background, you’ll be sure to find THE Henney Bag that resonates with your heart.

Thank you for reading our history!

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